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Deformed Calf With 2 Heads Born in Morocco

04.01.2014, 13:20 Foreign

A village in northern Morocco has been shocked by the birth of a two-headed calf.

Born on December 30, the young animal was named Sana Saida, which means 'Happy New Year' in Arabic.

Since its birth, the creature has been attracting a lot of attention, with locals of Sefrou, a village less than 20 miles from Fez, flocking to the farm to see it.

The calf is known as polycephalic, which means having more than one head.

And despite the appearance of the calf, Sana Saida was not the first of its species to be born in this way during 2013.

In October a little heifer born with two heads in Whiting, Vermont, United States, was hailed as a 'blessing'.

The calf was supposed to be a twin, but the eggs did not separate properly, a vet revealed.

The animal was capable of eating from both of its mouths.

In another extraordinary case earlier last year, a New Zealand farmer delivered a stillborn calf that had eight legs, four ears, two bodies and one head.

And in January 2011, a two-headed cow was born in Georgia. The farmer said that the animal ate with both heads - just like the calf in Vermont.

Last year, a ranching family from Anadarko, Oklahoma, United States, became famous for their six-legged calf.

The extra legs were attached to the cow's back.

Seeing double: A calf was born with two heads in Vermont, United States, in October last year

In Georgia, United States, in January 2011, another calf was born with two heads

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